Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Future BFFs?

Recently Ava and Arden have started to play together a little more. I still hear a lot of "No! Arden! No!" from the girls' room, but things have improved a lot over the last few months in terms of their relationship. Ava has given up a lot of her torture tactics and Arden is no longer the victim of random pinches, pushes, bites and other unsavory behavior. Ava has come a long way since her days of saying "my body is telling me to hurt Arden."

Ava likes to sneak into Arden's crib at bed time. We discovered the hooligans spooning each other after some giggling gave them away one night. It is the sweetest thing to see them together like that. Every morning, when I'm still groggy in my own bed, I can hear the two of them in Arden's crib jabbering away. Usually Arden will make a sound and Ava will copy her, then giggling ensues. Or I hear Ava shouting "No, Arden, no pulling my hair!" Ava is starting to get a taste of her own medicine.

Of course Ava exhibits some bossy older sister behavior. I keep chuckling at the time Arden was getting into Ava's things and Ava said "Mommy, take Arden back to the orphanage!" Whenever Arden tries to escape out of the front door and down the hallway, I pretend to close the door. Ava freaks out and says "No, mommy, get Arden back!" So Ava really is all talk and loves her sister after all.

Good snuggling going on here

At the Metropolitan Museum with these rascals. Who cares about art when you can sit in the corner together?

The two babushkas. This is what we do when we are stuck at home during a cold day. Ava puts on a super small snow suit and baby socks. Arden likes to wear a scarf and a kazoo around the neck. Priceless.

I discovered the two having a little "picnic" behind the couch when I gave them each a bowl of blueberries.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And now July...

Now that it is February, July already feels like an eternity ago. But now that NYC is cold and dreary, it is fun to be a little nostalgic.

Ava giving me a little 'tude while making a flag for July 4th

We were at a park EVERYDAY

We snuck up to the roof with Tiff and Gib for some awesome fireworks views.
July 4th parade-at the end the firemen let the hoses go wild

This parade about fifeen blocks away from our apartment felt like it was in the suburbs!
Arden enjoying her ramen
Another ramen picture. This family really loves ramen.

Free soccer class at Riverside Park.
Arden enjoying herself in a parade at the park after another free music class. I'm telling you, you don't have to spend a penny in the summer.
"Anything Goes" was fantastic!

This is how I do my Trader Joe runs. I take up most of a subway car.
Washington Square Park is where all the kooky people hang out

Best summer ever! Let's start with June.

Let's ignore the fact that it is Thanksgiving and only now am I blogging about our super summer. But I have to blog about it otherwise it will seem like it never happened. Now that Blogger made it a little easier for a technophobe like me to upload pictures, I have no excuses. 

It was a really great summer. Yes, I was constantly sweaty and gross while pushing my double stroller. Yes, I felt like I was being baked alive in my sauna of an apartment (the air conditioner loses the battle against the sun, the dryer, and the oven), but summertime in NYC is great. I really love it here! In some ways this city is perfect for me. I don't have to drive, so I am confident in my abilities to get somewhere either by walking or by public transportation. And I am not a hazard on the road. It is a win-win situation. Extra bonus of living in the city--you don't really need a gym membership. Walking everywhere and carrying strollers up and down subway stairs is a good enough NYC mommy workout.

I think it is impossible to do everything NYC has to offer (at least with two kids). I already have a list of things that I must do next summer since we missed out on it this summer (Shakespeare in the Park, going to the Dragon Boat Festival,  etc). But I must not get ahead of myself.

Here are some memorable pics from this summer. Starting with end of May/June:

Arden and I at Jones Beach on Memorial Day. David was in Switzerland for work.

Ava and Lillian J. having a blast at Jones Beach

Ava's dance "recital". She is on the far left. I think she could be a ballerina some day, but I may be biased.

Ava and cousin Grant at the Central Park Carousel. 

Michelle, Terry and Jaden come for a visit and devoured donuts.

Michelle and Jaden with my girls and I on the ferris wheel at Toys R Us. It is nice to do some touristy stuff sometimes. I still feel like a tourist in NYC--I'm all about staycations these days. 

People thought Jaden and Arden were twins. 

Michelle babysat so David and I could see Wicked on our anniversary. Good times.

Michelle and Ava at The Cloisters. It's gorgeous up there. Not the most kid and stroller friendly place. But we ended up getting free food from the cafe because their registers weren't working. Score! 

Pretty Ava (although slightly disheveled) at Central Park Zoo

At the bouncy house at the Rainbow City exhibit of the Highline Park

Rainbow City!

Ava and Grant at Madison Square Park after a kids' concert

At the Curious George exhibit at the Children's Museum of Manhattan

At the Bronx Zoo. It is such a trek to get up there but it is a great zoo.