Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Safari party

Ava had her third birthday party on September 11. It was the most gorgeous day ever and everything turned out so well. My friend Emily and I decided to do a joint party for her son Eli (born 5 days after Ava) and Ava so that it wouldn't be too stressful. We held the party at Safari Playground, so we decided to do a safari theme. I think including Eli and Ava there were 21 children and many of the parents showed up. For the party favor bags we glued wooden safari animals with the childrens' names on them to paper bags. I wish I took a picture of those.

Luckily Emily has a car and she was able to drive to Costco and Target and set up the spread here.

My friend Heidi helped me decorate the cake. Love those little plastic animals. Emily used them to decorate her cupcakes too. We were pleased with how the cake turned out. Simple but cute!

Playing "Lion says" which is a my made-up version of "Simon says". Also played "Tiger Tiger Giraffe" (aka duck, duck goose). The younger kids didn't really get it. A hoot to watch.

Pin the nose on the lion

Eli's dad, Boyd, leading the kids on a tiger hunt. They used their telescope/binoculars with cut up toilet paper rolls

All the kids were given an animal mask to wear if they wanted. Ava kept roaring at everyone. Her "3" shirt is from Chase, her pal in Charlotte.

Drawing on the hippos with dad. Giving the hippo a butt tattoo maybe?

The birthday duo

Arden observing the festivities with Uncle Andrew

Boyd played and sang some fun songs: "In the jungle", "The wheels on the Jeep", "Old McDonald had a jungle"

Ava enjoying the fun music

Chomping into the cupcake. This girl is obsessed with cupcakes.

Lilly joining in on blowing out the candles. The more the merrier! Thanks to everyone who shared this special day with us!


Thayer said...

Looks like we missed a good one, Louise. Everything looks so cute, I'm sure it was fun for everyone!

Michelle said...

What a fun birthday party! I bet Ava had a blast! She is looking so grown up. Good job with the cake, Louise!!!! Little Arden is cracking me up.

Marijo said...

Happy Birthday Ava!! What a fun party!! Miss you guys.

a s t o n + s t e l l said...

Happy Birthday Ava! we thought of you on your birthday! cool that you did the joint birthday...half the stress double the fun...highly recommend it! very cool theme!